It Takes a Village

Oh a blog post! It's been way too long, I know.

Are these days busy and full for you, too?

Despite the current candy and pumpkin induced chaos - I just had to take a moment here today and shout out my gratitude.

Today I was overwhelmed by the kind hearts of some of our beloved Thrive friends.

As I ran around this morning preparing for barre class to start a few things happened...

One Thrive friend cleaned the window about the diffuser - where the vapor and oil had left a filmy residue.

One Thrive friend flipped the calendar from October to November.

One gathered up some discarded water bottles and tossed them in recycling.

Oh my heart.

These little gestures.

Everyone is at home.

We are a community.

But wait ... There's more

After barre class this little beauty arrived.

A gift. 

Made by hand and given freely for the best and highest good of our little community. 

What is it, you ask? 

This, my friends, is a "Worries Hopes and Dreams Jar." It's a "Give It Up and Let It Go Jar." 

This little jar will be up in the yoga studio with scraps of paper and a pen. 

We take whatever we brought with us to the studio - whatever we're worried about, hoping for, ready to be done with, or ready to receive - we write it down and let it go. 

The scraps are private - we'll burn the notes, unread, in a little ceremony once the jar is full. 

There is power in letting go. 

We let go what no longer serves us - enabling us to move forward freely, unencumbered. 

We let go our hopes and dreams - trusting and opening ourselves to receive. 

I am so grateful today, my friends. 

So. Grateful. 

Grateful for each of you and for this community we've built. 

Grateful for small acts of kindness and motivated to send out a few of my own tomorrow. 

Thank you. 


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