Yoga Challenge October - Shoulders!

Hello yogi's!

This month in our yoga challenge class we'll focus on shoulders! 

We all know shoulders can be a great storage spot for tension. Especially with our tech heavy lifestyle, most of us spend hours each day hunched over a phone, keyboard, or steering wheel. That being said, I think we can all agree that learning to open our shoulders and release stress is important for all of us. Open, flexible shoulders are also critical as we grow our way into more advanced asana. (Did you know the infamous wheel pose requires as much shoulder flexibility as spine flexibility? Indeed.) 

But as always, balance is the key in yoga, so those open, mobile shoulders also need to be stable. And no pose challenges shoulder girdle stability like an arm balance or an inversion! This month we'll work both shoulder openers and strengtheners with the option of working towards handstand - a beautiful, accessible (yes - options abound!) challenging asana that requires strength, stability, and flexibility in our shoulders. 

So, dear yogi friends this month we'll breathe and stretch our way into strong supple shoulders. Goodbye tension - hello strength, stability and mobility!


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