Yoga Challenge - September - Flow & Alignment

In our Yoga Challenge program we hope to provide an opportunity for students to advance their practice and explore more challenging vinyasa sequences and asana (poses) safely. 

In September we'll focus on Sun and Moon Salutations as a way to build the foundation of strength and breath connection necessary to advance our practice.

Sun Salutation is a wonderfully warming sequence that not only prepares the body for deep stretches but also challenges our ability to stay connected to our breath. 

Moon Salutation, on the other hand, is more cooling and can be a wonderful balance to a vigorous practice. 

Flowing vinyasa sequences help us build strength, endurance and discipline which are wonderful tools for our toolbox both on and off our mat.

In addition to sun and moon salutations we'll start to fine tune our alignment in our poses so that as we move into new or deeper asana we'll remain safe.

The alignment of our joints and spine is critical as we move into more advanced poses. Learning the proper alignment in our foundational poses will not only help us grow into new poses but will deepen our experience our entire practice.

We hope you'll join us in Yoga Challenge - Sunday mornings 8am-9:15!


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