Yoga Education vs Yoga Teacher Training

We've had a lot questions regarding the yoga education programs that are starting up in September...

Let's dive in, shall we?

What's the difference between the "Yoga Teacher Training" and the "Yoga Education" programs?

The Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Education programs are essentially the same program. Both groups will attend the same lectures, workshops, and events together - we'll all be learning the same material. 

The difference is that the members of the Yoga Teacher Training program will get together for additional periods of time to:
- learn about teaching methodolgy (how to teach a yoga class)
- take tests
- practice teaching

Graduates of the Yoga Teacher Training Program will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT-200). 

Why should I do the Yoga Education Program? I already come to yoga classes, what more is there? 

Well, my friend, there's a lot more.  There's so much more to yoga than we can ever get across in a yoga class. 

In this program we'll dive into the history and philosophy of yoga. Yoga is meant to be lived every day; it can be so much more than just the time we spend on our mats. We'll read and discuss amazing books, have deep conversations, ask important questions and explore ways to live our yoga. 

We'll break down lots of poses and explore many poses and variations we wouldn't get to in a regular class. Love coming to yoga class? This program will teach you to take your practice to the next level. Explore new poses, see familiar poses in a new way, find the confidence and support to  push your personal boundaries.

It seems daunting ... Do I have to do the whole thing? 

No! Not interested in all the discussion topics? Busy weekend schedule? You can sign up for individual portions of the Yoga Education program a'la carte! We'll offer them as workshops - open to everyone. 

If you think you might do a few of the workshops, there's a cost savings to signing up for the whole program.    

And... if you want to graduate as a yoga teacher - you've got to do the whole Yoga Teacher Training program.  

What if I'm new to yoga? What if I have physical limitations or concerns? Can anyone do it? 

YES ANYONE CAN DO EITHER OF THESE PROGRAMS. Forgive me for the shouty capitals but I feel strongly about getting this message out there. ANYONE can do yoga. ANYONE can take these training/education programs.  We believe anyone who loves to practice yoga and desires to share it with others can be a great yoga teacher. The world needs yogis and yoga teachers of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. We'll work with you to help you succeed. It's a long program that is designed for growth, development and change - both physically and mentally. Come as you are. Learn, grow, explore.    

I'm already a yoga teacher (or other fitness professional). 

Wait! Don't scroll by! Many of the workshops/modules that will be offered through the Yoga Education program will provide Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for Yoga Alliance. 
Registered Yoga  Teachers not only need CECs to maintain their registered status but also, a good teacher never stops learning! Even if you've already completed a 200 hour  training, learning from a different teacher can be an entirely different experience. 

All fitness instructors could benefit from understanding the alignment principles we'll discuss in our posture break downs, or reviewing anatomy, joint mechanics, and effective teaching techniques. 

I have a schedule conflict. What if I have to miss something?

Talk to us! We know scheduling can be difficult - we've built some "wiggle room" into the schedule because we know that life happens! 

Anything else? 

We hope this clears up some of the mystery regarding these awesome programs. It's an experience you don't want to miss. 

Still have questions? Let us know! Call, email, text, chat us up after classes. 


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