Week 1! Or ... Week 143?

Back when thrive first opened I blogged nearly every week. Remember Week 1?

So I can't decide if this is week 1 of Thrive 2.0 or week 143 of Thrive 1.0 ... We've changed, we've grown, we've moved... but we're still us, right? 

I suppose it doesn't matter, does it?  Week 1 or week 100 - we're still breathing, moving and laughing together.

So, first things first.

Thank you.

We did it! High five!

Our little community has grown, flourished, spread our wings and left the nest. You feeling ready to soar? Cuz, I am.

Sure, I'm a little terrified, but I'm willing to bet we're all a little terrified sometimes.

I'll keep showing up if you will. Ok?

I'm willing to bet some of our Thrive friends were nervous to come to their first class. I bet our brave Yoga Teacher Trainees were nervous for there first "test" on Friday night.

Fear isn't fatal.

Especially when we've got a community of kind, warm, amazing people walking along with us.

We face our fears all the time in the studio. Fear of trying something new. Fear of falling out of a yoga pose. Fear of not being able to keep up in a fitness class. Fear of wearing spandex in public.

But we showed up. We did our best. We were open to each other and to the experience.

And look at us now. 

Every deep breath we took together. Every squat. Every friend we told about how great it is. We built this place. Breath by breath. Brick by brick.

And as if that's not amazing enough, then we take our lessons out into the world.

We breathe deeply in difficult situations. We tell a stressed friend about yoga. We role model a healthy lifestyle and inspire those around us. We embody peace and hope in troubled times.

Our work is far from over.

If you've ever taken a few days off from your fitness routine - you know what I'm talking about here, but it's more than just our personal wellness journey we've got to keep alive.

We've got a world to live in that needs us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Onward, ever onward.

I'll see you there.


  1. Awesome!! well said yoga woman i know you will be successful.


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