Week One

Well Thrive has been open for a whole week now.

We've had classes, clients, ups, and downs.

I am not particularly good at math, but I have learned this:

what I know < what I don't know < what I don't know I don't know
I've also learned:
  • Changing letters on an outdoor sign in sub-zero temps is an adventure
  • Asking for help gets easier with practice
  • I shouldn't try to do everything on my own
  • I have amazing friends, family and supporters
  • Patience is a virtue

There is so much to do - from creating spreadsheets to scrubbing the toilet. All while learning html in my spare time.

I love it all, even the toilet (which I am scrubbing with my homemade toilet bowl cleanser).
It is a double edged sword though - a happy client or successful class makes my heart soar but an empty class is heartbreaking.
This isn't entirely reasonable, I know. 
For now, I am a bundle of emotions - trying to stay present, lean into it and breathe deeply.
Opening Thrive reminds me frequently of raising the boys. I do my best, plan, hope, and pray - and then I must let go. Allow things to unfold as they will, knowing that I can control only so much.

Knowing that my best will have to be enough, and that I am my own worst critic. 

So here we go into week two. Though I have a lot to do and think about I hope to be able to be fully present with each client and class. That's what's most important, after all. 

Connecting wholly with people - that's what means the most to me, that's why we started Thrive - the rest is just details. 


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